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Fog and Nature

Working Within Nature  Not Against It

Earthus is a curated selection of unique & novelty eco centric products from all over the world. 

The products featured on Earthus have been hand-selected for their innovative sustainable technology. 


Climate change is upon us.

Over 1,000 scientists have already issued warnings of its mass severity. 

With over 7.8 billion people consuming on a daily basis, the future of our planet

will be determined by what we choose to buy in order to reduce our impact. 


All of the products featured on Earthus are Tree Free, Fuel Free and Animal Free.  

Many of our Partners are also addressing deforestation, factory farming and CO2 emissions by utilizing plant based, recycled and repurposed materials, Fair Trade supply channels and environmentally responsible packaging.


The revolution has become personal. 

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Sausalito, CA

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